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aBoUt rOSe aka tITs tHe ArTiST

Roselyn Yap / TITS The Artist
b.1976, 3rd gen. Indonesian born Chinese - Australian

Artist Statement

I’m an interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin who works in performance and installation art using found objects, sewing, photography, painting and video as my mediums. As a daughter in a son-favoured culture, a woman in the patriarchal society, a migrant in the globalised world and an artist in a capitalistic economy, I identify with subjects that are perceived inferior or insignificant. My suspicion of being less adored as a child because of my gender was validated as I grew older and reconfirmed as I entered adulthood; the reality and condition that became subliminal in my creative process. Subsequently, I project honour, justification and celebration in my works; championing, defending and/or advocating for the underdogs and subject matters that are personally important to me, such as women's rights and gender equality. 


My journey of becoming an artist began in mid-2013 when I quit my job in finance. In 2015, I bought a one-way flight ticket from Sydney to Berlin on a leap of faith that paid off, since Berlin turned out to be the fertile ground I was looking for. My pseudonym does not stand for anything. I wanted to make street art when I was starting out, and saw the acronym, T.I.T.S., above a university building the week I quit my job.




2022  Akademie für Suffizienz, Art Residency, Prignitz (DE) 
2022  Praxis Gallery, Honourable Mention in the juried Photo Competition The Streets , Minneapolis (USA)

2021  VG Bild Kunst & Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Neustart Kultur Grant, Berlin (DE) 
2020  Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Grant for Special Program, Berlin (DE) 
2018  Arte Laguna Prize, Performance Finalist, Venice (IT)

CV & Portfolio

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