To Lose

'To Lose' is my first ever live performance where I offered the audience to cut my hair how ever they like. With the performance, I imposed a question "What would they lose in order to gain themselves back?". The haircutting is a metaphorical action of letting go things that have been intoxicating and preventing us from living a meaningful life.

  Subsequently, it allows new growth and evolution to our true and inspiring being.

The piece is an autobiography of my own life, giving up my old life in Sydney (Australia) in exchange for authenticity and true happiness.


Guitar: Daniel Siegmund

Keyboard: Marlon H Silveira

Photography: Philipp Ziegler

Film: Joao P Comassi

Poster: Thais Coraini

Set: Bettina Voigt

Event: Parrish & Peanut Butter Jelly

and many people who participated and gave their support, I am forever grateful.


Performed at The Forum Factory, Besselstraße 14, 10969 Berlin

(June 2016)