Only Women Know How It Feels

I started to collect and experiment with my period blood in 2017 in order to motivate myself to draw more. So I tricked my mind with this unconventional “new ink” in the hope that it would change the experience of drawing for myself. Due to the small amount of period blood my body produces, I began to collect them monthly to have enough material in hand. Besides drawing the blood on paper, I have also drawn them on the ‘nettle cotton’ textile.

Four years on, in 2021, the experimentation has opened up a whole new direction and meaning for me. The period blood is not only an avant-garde material, but it also touches important issues in the social and cultural contexts.

Having worked intimately with the collected and knowing their scarcity, I am concerned about their fragile condition in the way they are being kept currently. In 2022, I plan to develop a long-term preservation method by transforming them into exhibitable art forms.

My wish is to open up a discourse about ‘womanhood’ and counterbalance its social stigmas of being indecent, a taboo or something to be ashamed of. Though the project title comes across as ‘gender-EXclusivity’, its function is to provoke and raise the question of ‘gender-INclusivity’. “Only Women Know How It Feels” is essentially a project that celebrates one’s own being. It invites, without prejudice, people of all genders.


( Only Women Know How It Feels, 2017 - Present)