Only Women Know How It Feels

Sometimes I do strange things to motivate myself. This project is one of those things.

As an artist, I don't particularly like to draw. The pencil drawing is my least favourite. I used to draw portraits many hours on end in the beginning, but I stopped very early on as well. I like painting more, because I work on a much bigger surface and feel more free with random lines and strokes. The act of painting to me is spontaneous and dynamic, in the contrary to drawing.

Having said, I realised drawing is the basis of a lot of things in art. Since I'd like to improve my drawing skill, I thought of using something that I've never used before. The period blood came to mind, it was (and still is) an exciting experimental impetus. Since 2017, I have been collecting my period blood monthly. I tested them on different materials such as paper and textile. They have lovely pigment consistency and medium viscosity that can be extended with water or other mediums (I think!), but the smell is rather off-putting.

After 3.5 years, the project has developed into a different path. It is not a simple naive drawing project anymore. My drawing skill didn't improve from it either. I envision it to be an installation, which also includes live performance and a "round-table" discourse, especially about the part of the title "Only Women". And I can't wait to present it in front of the live audience!


( Only Women Know How It Feels, 2017 - Present)