Our Mother

"Our Mother" is a working title for the photo book idea that I would like to finish compiling by the end of 2022. The book pays tributes to mother nature in the form of black and white photographs and perhaps drawings and paintings. I hope to portrays her beauty as well as fragility, a reminder to us all in the awakening of the Covid-19 pandemic.



I have only started seriously taking photographs since 2020, in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic. Despite having no regular income due to pandemic restrictions and economic downturn, I bought a new camera to document the event. Within a matter of 4 months, I hit the streets of Berlin and nature reserves, and took approximately 20,000 pictures hence improved my photography skill quite significantly.

I have always been drawn to nature, but never had the desire to document them until the pandemic experience, so I am very grateful for this new development in my art.

Within the process of documenting, I aim to show the beauty of nature as well as her fragility, as a reminder to us all.

I hope to compile a picture book by the end of 2022.

Locations (from top to bottom):

Rügen, near the German Baltic Sea

(Ongoing project, 2020 - Present)