TITS The Artist - Performance, Installation and Research Artist in Berlin (Germany)

I am a visual artist based in Berlin (Germany) who works in performance art, installation, photography, painting and research.


My journey of becoming an artist began in mid 2013 when I quit my career in finance; amongst it, working for Australia’s largest banks.

In 2015, I bought a one-way flight ticket from Sydney to Berlin because I wanted to have a fresh start. I had never been to Berlin before, nor spoke a word of German, but my blind faith paid off as it turned out to be the fertile ground I was looking for.

I am a 3rd generation Chinese-born-Indonesian who migrated to Australia as a teenager attending higher education; a sheer privilege, compared to my grandfather, a poor textile merchant who jumped on a boat from China to Indonesia in search of better prosperity.

Growing up in Indonesia, I was always surrounded by delectable food and utilitarian paper/textile handcrafts my grandmother (1st generation Chinese-born-Indonesian) and aunts made. I often played in my parents’ hardware store to the point of being kicked out, so I could do my homework. These memories are very much cherished through my choice of materials.

My work are an ensemble of my origins and experiences as a female child, a woman and an immigrant in 4 different cultures.

Pivoting on an early childhood experience of gender discrimination and not being allowed to express in words or sound, my work carry and develop from the foundation of “self love” - an affirming internal relationship that transcends into empathy or sympathy for others.

My work honour the uncelebrated, banal, imperfect and silent as a way of rebelling against a belief or system, claiming dignity, championing the weak, crediting the unsung hero or standing in solidarity with the oppressed. 

Lastly but not least, my pseudonym T.I.T.S. does not stand for anything. I saw the name above a university building the week I quit my job. I dreamed of becoming a street artist when I was starting out, and thought of having a pseudonym in order to avoid the police.

That dream has not yet come true. 



Neustart Kultur Stipendium from VG Bild Kunst, Berlin (Germany)


Scholarship in Special Program from Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe /

Stipendien Sonderprogramm der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur & Europa, Berlin (Germany)


Finalist of Arte Laguna International Art Award, Venice (Italy) in Performance





University of the Arts, London (UK) - Interior Design Foundation

RMIT University, Melbourne (Australia) - Textile Design Foundation

 Macquarie University, Sydney (Australia) - Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting

Research & Art Residencies


“Zu Verschenken / To Give Away” (Research)  funded by Neustart Kultur Stipendium

from VG Bild Kunst, Berlin


"Women's Work I: Shifting Old Stereotype associated with Patchwork into the Contemporary Context of Women's Work- First Women's March 2017 in Washington DC  (Installation / Art Residency) at Im Grünen Bereich Artspace, Berlin

International Exhibitions - Solo & Group


“The Wash” (Performance) at the Award Ceremony of Arte Laguna Prize, Venice (Italy)


“Bang” (Visual Exhibition) at Hub Sydney, Sydney (Australia)

Berlin Exhibitions - Solo & Group


“Who's Gonna Save Us” (Film). Directed by Adam Munnings


“Child Oddity” (Performance) in Immaterial Arts Festival at BermelVonLuxburg Gallery


“Homage” (Performance) in LEGS 9 Hour Performance Marathon at Grüntaler9


 “Experimental Cooking” (Performance/Discussion) in 48 Stunden Neukölln at Museum für Werte


“My Transformation from Banker to Artist” (Performance/Talk) at Les Enfants Terribles


“Japanese Tea Ceremony” (Performance) at The School of Nothing


“Discarded Objects - A Personal Journey” (Talk) at WikiStage



“The Wash” (Performance) in Immaterial Arts Festival at Forum Factory

“Out beyond wrong doings and right doings, there is a field. I’ll meet you there” (Performance) at Grund Gallery


“Bad Art Party” (Visual Exhibition) at BermelVonLuxburg Gallery


“The National Anthem Exercise”, “The Horizon Where We Can Never Touch”, “Laughing Exercise”, “Walking Exercise” (Guest Performer). Pieces by Isaac Chong at HKW


“Hitting Body/Touching Body”, “Where to Put the Body?” (Guest Performer). Pieces by Isaac Chong at Meinblau Projektraum


“To Lose” (Performance) at Forum Factory

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